In his early teens Ardie heard a sound similar to a voice crying and he found out a guitar enables you make this sound. The bending of strings, the instant expression and extreme noise was all so appealing. He has loved exploring all the analogue sounds with many different effects applied. Shoe gazing it was called back in the days.
Sounds have always captured him, textures and modulations and experiencing how they would impact the space around you.
He has played guitar for the most part of his life. He took some lessons when he was 15 and quit when he was a little older and then started developing his own technique and sound. This has been the best part of his journey: examining the quest of his soul in search of new ways to express himself. 

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Ardie loves connection. Sharing from the heart. He found just the right instrument for it. The cello has fully embodied his voice and became a channel through which he can articulate his heart.
His cello was made in the Czech Republic even before the first World War and it speaks to him that it has such a special story, just like us, people. He believes the sound of the cello is adequate to reach even the most numb places in our being and to speak to our imagination.
As he started playing the cello he fell in love with many of the beautiful compositions written during the romantic and impressionistic period. This has highly influenced the way he is playing the cello today and even his entire approach on music, both in writing music and playing.
Classical music has always been a familiarity to him and it was obvious for him to study classical music when he first started playing the cello.
He remembers buying his first study cello with the only goal to be able to relish the sound and to improvise. Actually his motives were just to be able to let his heart sing.
Before he started playing cello at the age of 19, he was already an experienced live performing guitarist in the pop music genre.
Since then he has been developing his artistic crafts as a musician in uniting this classical instrument with the usage of effect pedals and studio recordings.
At this moment he is focussing on improving his technique and adapting and implementing technology to create more ways of performing and writing music.